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(Hong Kong, 21st October 2020) Co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, a selection of the 2020 edition of “No Limits” goes online in December.

In its second year in 2020, with health and safety as clear priorities, most performances and activities scheduled in February and March were put on hold. With participating artists, the team has now prepared a compact version of “No Limits”, to be presented online between 7 to 20 December 2020. The presenter hopes that the online edition will create an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy the arts, without the limits of physical space and venue capacity.

Ms Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival says, “Thanks to the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, we are excited to host our ‘No Limits’ 2020 programmes online for our artists and audiences to convene virtually. We will continue to work with artists and other stakeholders to present inclusive and accessible programmes so that we can engage and serve the widest possible public, and share the joy of the arts together.”

Mr Leong Cheung, Executive Director, Charities and Community of The Hong Kong Jockey Club says, “The Hong Kong Jockey Club is committed to building a culturally vibrant city, enriching the lives of Hong Kong people and promoting social inclusion through the arts. Despite the pandemic this year, the spirit of ‘No Limits’ shows through in the flexible online arrangements for the programme, which takes arts beyond boundaries, allowing art maestros of different abilities to showcase their talents and audiences to enjoy and embrace the inclusiveness of arts.“


International and local artists of different abilities are showcased over four sets of programmes:

Dancing with Maria — directed by Ivan Gergolet, this eye-opening documentary tells the story of Maria, an Argentinian dance teacher in her 90s, who has for decades inspired her students with different abilities and changed their lives through the power of dance.

Dis-Connect — a performance by ILL-Abilities, a multi-national group of breakdancers who turn their different abilities and stories into a unique dance piece. It explores the premise of connection and how individuals bridge the gap with each other to find true connections amidst the confusion of life.

No Limits Concept Battle — a breakdance battle created by ILL-Abilities, challenging local b-boys and b-girls to think out of the box. Competing dancers are to pick a prop, such as wheelchair, crutches, or blindfold. Each dancer will have to see beyond the prop’s constraints and utilize its strengths in his or her improvisation.

In addition to the above series of programmes, there will be a special local production in March next year.

A Journey Too Short — a concert created by Music Director Professor Victor Chan, performed by Ebenezer Choir, Die Konzertisten and soloists featuring local musicians with different abilities. It presents over 25 classic hymns arranged by Professor Chan, originally written by writers and composers whose lives were full of challenges, such as poet Fanny Crosby, and hymn writer George Matheson, who were visually impaired artists renowned for their arts. Photos taken by visually impaired Ebenezer students and alumni inspired by the music will also be highlighted in the concert.

Outreach Activities

The Jockey Club “No Limits” Education and Community Programme continues to provide opportunities for participants to appreciate, embrace and experience the arts in an inclusive environment through a series of school tours, Artists-in-Residence programmes, Train-the-Trainer workshops, and a Roundtable Discussion.

At the Roundtable Discussion, “Music Without Borders: Music as a Means for Inclusion of Young People with Different Abilities”, local and overseas educators and musicians will share their experience in increasing social inclusion of young people of different abilities through musical engagement. Speakers include Maestro Jaap van Zweden, ethnomusicologist Dr Chan Cheong Jan, founder of “Budding Well” project Dr Ho Pak Cheong, and other distinguished speakers.

Prior to the Roundtable Discussion, Dr Chan Cheong Jan will host a“Lecture Demonstration by Sayuri Trio”, where Sayuri Shirai, an exceptionally talented Japanese marimba player with Down’s syndrome, will exhibit her skills. Dr Chan will discuss the impact of music on Sayuri.


All online programmes support English and Chinese accessible captions with text description for important audio content, and Cantonese audio description (AD) for selected programmes.

Free Registration

All programmes and activities listed are free of charge and can be enjoyed on the “No Limits” website. Free online registration for the 2020 “No Limits” starts now at https://go.nolimits.hk/prformen. Upon successful registration, a streaming link will be sent via email.

About “No Limits”

Co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the “No Limits” project aims to create a barrier-free environment enabling artists and audiences to explore and promote inclusiveness and understanding through the arts. Art is not bound by one’s ability, but limited only by one’s imagination. Launched in 2019, “No Limits” invites members of the community to experience performances by international and local artists of different abilities that defy constraints and boundaries. Performances take place not only on the stage but in public spaces in and around Hong Kong, bringing the message of inclusiveness right into communities.

“No Limits” also invests heavily in arts education for young people; diverse experiences and educational programmes are designed to nurture students’ interest in the arts, and to enable them to share the joy of the arts together with people of different abilities.

For more information about “No Limits”, please visit: www.nolimits.hk

For media enquiries, please email to enquiry@nolimits.hk.

Programme images: https://go.nolimits.hk/q7NFPU

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