A heart-warming reflection on a pandemic-scarred world, featuring performers with different abilities from Hong Kong and Wales as the finale of the Artists-in-Residence Programme - 無限亮 No Limits

Zoom screen-capture with performers

Zoom screen-capture with performers

“No Limits”, co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, aims to nurture a barrier-free environment and promote inclusiveness and understanding through the arts. In addition to presenting and producing inclusive performances, a Roundtable and Artists-in-Residence (AIR) Programme are integral parts of the annual series of events.

Hijinx, from Wales, is one of Europe’s leading inclusive theatre companies. It has created a string of bold and exhilarating productions which engaged artists with learning disabilities and/or autism every step of the way, who painstakingly challenge perceptions of what theatre can be and how it should be made.

This year’s “No Limits” AIR is an innovative collaboration between the two organisations. Through a series of online workshops, participants with different abilities from Hong Kong and Wales were able to experience the joy of theatre and express their creativity guided by Hijinx’s creative team and Hong Kong playwright/director Michelle Li.

A number of workshops were held on Zoom in January and February where participants were introduced to Hijinx’s devising process and learnt the basics of improvisation. The final online Showcase will be presented live in March as the result of hours of rehearsal put in by the creative team and the participants.

Are you OK?, as the Showcase is named, reflects on a world turned upside down and inside out by the pandemic. Even though life may not seem OK when we are unable to see the people we miss or go to the places we cherish, we can still draw comfort from a heartfelt question as simple as Are you OK? While things are not quite OK for many of us, Are you OK? offers much needed reassurance that we are indeed OK when people are ready to stretch out a helping and caring hand to each other.

Are you OK? will be streamed live from the performers’ homes in Hong Kong and Wales at 12pm(UK)/8pm(HK) on 6 March. The performance is in English and Cantonese.

To register for the Showcase, please go to: https://go.nolimits.hk/AIR2021regen

More information about the AIR Programme and the Showcase can be found on: https://go.nolimits.hk/AIR2021en

If you have any enquiries, please contact Mr. Wilson Fung, Outreach Coordinator of “No Limits”.

Tel: 2828 4977 WhatsApp: +852 2828 4949
Fax: 2824 2100 Email: outreach@nolimits.hk

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