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Artists in Residence 本屆藝術家進駐計劃的藝術家Daniele Ninarello Artists in Residence Artists in Residence

Artists-in-Residence Programme

This year’s Artists-in-Residence Programme takes place from December 2021 to March 2022 and conduct workshops for various local communities. With different forms of practice and interaction, the individual stories as well as collective consciousness of the participants are combined to explore possibilities of the body and compose their moving stories.

Daniele Ninarello was trained at Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. He has collaborated with many choreographers internationally and showcased his works at various dance festivals as well as online. In 2007, he founded Associazione Culturale CodedUomo to study how different disciplines can help with expressions in the language of choreography. There is a laboratorial dimension to the choreography which, through the collective consciousness of the dancers, produces unique works.

Mimi Lo is the founder and artistic director of the Performing Arts Development Foundation which has been driving the development of Contact Improvisation. She is a Hong Kong dancer actively involved in the studies of Somatics, DanceAbility®, ContaKids, Contact Improvisation and other fields in Asia.


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