Artists-in-Residence Programme - 無限亮 No Limits

30 people in zoom

Hijinx from Wales has been invited to enrich the theatre experiences of people with different abilities by holding a series of newly developed online devising theatre workshops. Due to the pandemic, the Hijinx artistic team and local collaborator guide the participants through the devising process online in the creation of the final online Showcase.

Are you OK?

We get up, we get dressed, we brush our teeth, we eat our breakfast, we drink some water, we exercise, we drink again, we grow plants, we look out our window. If we are lucky, we go outside, we see people – at a distance. We laugh, we cry. We go to bed. Then we do it all over again. But are we OK?

A diverse group of performers from Hong Kong and Wales (UK) reflects on a world in lockdown, on how life has changed or stayed the same, on what and who we miss, on how we can help each other without being able to be with each other.

Are you OK? is a live performance, created on Zoom and presented via Zoom from the performers’ own homes.

Livestream Date: 6 March 2021 (Sat)
Livestream Time: 8pm (HKT) / 12pm (GMT)
Broadcast: Livestreaming on the “No Limits” website

Approximately 55 minutes
Performed in Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitles

Making-Of – Devising in Lockdown

Making-of Director, Videographer and Editing
Bacon Cheng and Hui Chung-yin

Based in Wales, Hijinx is one of the UK’s leading theatre companies, with an international reputation for excellence in its work with artists with learning disabilities and/or autism. Such artists are at the heart of Hijinx’s work and they constantly challenge perceptions of what theatre can be and how it should be made. Hijinx’s work is bold, vibrant, anarchic and honest because their artists are bold, vibrant, anarchic and honest. Breaking through the limits of lockdown, Hijinx created a reinterpretation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis in 2020 via a Zoom webinar, and has performed it to critical acclaim in online festivals in the UK and Germany, attracting over 1,000 viewers.
Creative Concept and Director
Assistant Director and Text Editor
Tic Ashfield (Hijinx)

Devising Performers
(Participants from Hong Kong)
YK, Wan Lai-yee, Kathy Ng, Sam Ng, Crystal Lee, Terry Chau, Philip Chow, Gethin Chow, Aranza Russell Terre, Theresa Leung, Sally Leung, Cheung Ling-long Angel, Karen Chan, Lemon Tsang, Leung Ho-hei, Yeung Sze-lok Llyr, Lai Yuk-lam, Clayton Lo, Harmony Timbre, Ben Kwong, Hsu Sing-chin

Lindsay Foster, Michelle McTernan, Richard Newnham, Owen Pugh, Sian Walker, Faye Wiggan

Production Team


Production Manager
Tom Ayres
Senior Producer
Ellis Wrightbrook
Assistant Producer
Carys Mol
Technical Assistant
Sam Jones

(Hong Kong)

Artist Assistant
Karen Ka and Dominic Lee
Technical Assistants
Yu Pui-ho

Making-of Director, Videographer and Editing
Bacon Cheng and Hui Chung-yin

Co-presented by

Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Strategic Supporting Partner

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