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Promotional photo-Maartje de Lint
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Pilot Seeding Programme Sing for Life

An enterprising six-month programme, initiated by “No Limits” and tailormade to transform established local singers and social workers into mentors to help people living with dementia gain the revitalising benefits of singing.

Under the guidance of Maartje de Lint, the inspiration behind the innovative Dutch programme “Singing in Care”, trainee mentors will initially join online sessions in which de Lint will introduce “Brain Awakening Singing Education” (BASE), the special method she has developed to assist the memory-impaired through vocal techniques. In these sessions, she will demonstrate how rhythm and tone can train the brain and improve physical and mental well-being, exploring both theoretical and practical aspects.

In the programme’s second phase, mentors will apply what they have learnt in collaboration with community partner institutions by hosting group singing workshops for those with mild to moderate dementia. They will also look at ways to stimulate brain activity and improve the quality of life of participants and their carers, with on-going online supervision by de Lint.

To extend the reach of the programme and raise awareness of dementia, mentors’ experiences and stories will be filmed for a documentary, which will be made publicly available here on our website.

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