Artists-in-Residence Programme 2020 - 無限亮 No Limits

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The Artists-in-Residence Programme invites overseas artists engaging with schools and different communities to enrich the arts experiences of people with different abilities by holding a series of workshops.

ILL-Abilities is an international breakdance crew of differently-abled dancers from around the world. They were invited to share and explore the infinite possibilities of street dance and imagination with local dancers of varying abilities in 2020.

The Programme is conducted in two phases. During the first phase in January 2020, ILL-Abilities, who are experienced breakdance instructors, inspired participants to discover their individual strengths through movement exercises, regardless of their level of experience.

During the second phase in October and November this year, ILL-Abilities coaches participants on breakdance and performance techniques in virtual workshops. They co-choreograph remotely a new dance piece, and share their creative process with the audiences in this video.

2021 Artists-in-Residence Programme

The Artists-in-Residence Programme in 2021 is an innovative and ambitious collaboration between Hijinx from Wales and “No Limits” that takes place entirely on Zoom and provides a genuinely exciting and rewarding experience for local participants of different abilities. Hijinx’s Artistic Director Ben Pettitt-Wade leads the programme alongside Michelle Li, a multi-talented Hong Kong-based playwright/director. Throughout the residency, the Hijinx artistic team guides the group through the devising process in the creation of the final online Showcase.

Through the workshops, participants gain a better understanding of Hijinx’s devising process and the basics of improvisation. They are able to express themselves and share their creativity in the online Showcase on 6 March 2021.

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