Ad Infinitum - Extraordinary Wall of Silence - 無限亮 No Limits

Ad Infinitum - Extraordinary Wall of Silence 無止境劇團 《沉默極牆》宣傳海報

Ad Infinitum – Extraordinary Wall of Silence

Three coming-of-age stories, united in a struggle against violence, ignorance and oppression.

Helen, Alan, and Graham are told they are impaired and need fixing. As they begin to question the world around them, three powerful coming-of-age stories unfold, uniting in a struggle against violence, ignorance and oppression.

Connected through a shared past, they are transported to one pivotal moment in 1880 when a dangerous ideology was born: one that would impair the way the world views Deaf people for over a century.


Ad Infinitum combine the company’s signature style of physical storytelling with the beauty of British Sign Language in an unmissable feast for the senses.

Extraordinary Wall of Silence is a bilingual performance in BSL and English.


About Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is a diverse, working class and ethnic minority-led theatre company. The company embraces differences through collaboration, enabling a more representative theatre culture by putting marginalised people at the heart of the work. Founded in 2007, Ad Infinitum is led by Co-artistic Directors/Founders Nir Paldi and George Mann. Executive Director Polly Davis and General Manager Emma Macnair complete the core team. The board of seven trustees is chaired by Lauren Clancy, the executive director of Bush Theatre. The company works with a diverse family of artists based in Bristol in the UK and internationally to develop, create and perform creative projects. With over 14 years of experience, Ad Infinitum’s collaborative adventure has become a force for positive social change and a space for underrepresented audiences and artists.

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“A deft demonstration of how language is not limited to voice"
Stagetalk Magazine
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“A show that breaks down barriers as well as taboos”


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