CRUX shows how one man overcame a tragic accident to reach new heights. Bringing to the screen a stirring story of triumph over adversity. Imagine being at the top of your sport as an international champion, and then having it all taken away in a terrible accident. This happened to Hong Kong champion rockclimber Lai Chi-wai, whose career was cruelly cut short when he was paralysed in a car crash in 2011.

It left Lai in a wheelchair but he would not let the injury defeat him. In 2016, for the fifth anniversary of the fateful accident, he planned to climb Hong Kong’s famous Lion Rock in his wheelchair.

CRUX tells the story of this amazing feat, where Lai summoned all the strength and courage that made him a world-class climber. Hear interviews with the people that know him best – his friends, family and fellow climbers, and the doctors who helped him on the way back from tragedy.

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
Dialogues in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

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    Approx 1 hr 30 mins
    Dialogues in Cantonese, with Audio Description in Chinese, Chinese and English subtitles

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    Winner of many international climbing championships and once ranked eighth in the world, Hong Kong climber Lai Chi-wai’s promising career appeared to be over when he was paralysed in a devastating car accident on 9 December 2011. The crash left him at rock bottom, at a time his wife was seven months pregnant with their first child.

    Now confined to a wheelchair, Lai was resolved not to allow his disability to dictate what he could do with his life. On the fifth anniversary of the accident, he vowed to haul himself and his wheelchair to the top of Hong Kong’s Lion Rock Mountain, using only his arm strength.

    The film documents this herculean feat, offering a reflection on the nature of adversity. Physical disability need not limit us in the ways we often believe they do and the power of transformation is innate in humans, Lai’s courage being testament to it. His experience shows that, with perseverance and dedication, it is always possible for people to triumph over adversities.

    The film is titled CRUX, meaning “connection” or “knot”, after the name Lai gave his mission to climb the emblematic mountain. The Chinese character “結” is often associated with the notion of crux: unity, the binding of relationships, connections and feelings of melancholy. “Crux” is also a term that describes the most challenging point in climbing and mountaineering.

    Director and Producer
    Bernard Ho
    Executive Producer
    Ringo Tang
    Lai Chi-wai
    Produced by
    Zentral Production
    Coordinated by
    Major production sponsor of the documentary CRUX:
    Legend Charity Foundation
    With thanks to all volunteers who participated in CRUX
    Wong Wai-kin
    Dr. Carina Li
    Gi Ki-man
    Thomas Lam
    Tsang Chun-kit
    SK Tang
    Leung Chiu-yin
    Tracy Ho
    Prentice Koo
    Adrien Chan
    Wu Ho-tong
    Leung Shuk-mei
    Joseph Leung
    Suetman Li
    Yau Ka-chun
    Jeffery Lau
    Leslie Tsim
    Liu Yan-lung
    Yung Kam-sing
    Vee Szeto
    Bylson Wong
    Quincy Wong
    Au Chi-fung
    Wong Wing-pan
    Kanok Ng
    John Yu
    Hoikin Tsim
    Oscar Yip
    Jackey Wang
    Ronald Wong
    Dicky Ho
    Jovy Lai
    KL Cheung
    Moe Kwok
    Yuki Chan
    Freeiz Chung
    Sony Yiu
    Shirly Wong
    Ng Sin-tung
    Hu Qian-ru
    Ho Kam-wai
    Cindy Lau Shuet-fong
    Camera Team
    Bernard Ho
    Ringo Tang
    Christ Lam
    Fung Leung-pan
    Karl Eros Ng
    Around Chow
    Mac Chau Wai-shing
    Sau Ip
    Thomas Leung
    Winnie Lak
    Wu Cheuk-ho
    Taco Cheung
    So Hang
    Alfred Ko
    Anna Yeung
    Tat Tat Ho
    Irene Chong Wai-oi
    Eddie Yung Chi-kit

    Get to know the artists and the creative ideas behind the works through exclusive interviews.

    Speakers: Bernard Ho (Director and Producer), Lai Chi-wai (Featuring)
    Conducted in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

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