Screening – Dancing with Maria - 無限亮 No Limits

Maria teaching

A fascinating documentary of Maria Fux’s inspiring classes with students of different abilities.

Maria Fux, an Argentinian dancer, choreographer, and dance therapist has devoted most of her life to teaching and empowering others through dance. Fux’s incredible spirit has seen her through many challenges, as she continues to create and thrive beyond the physical constraints of being a dancer in her 90s.

This documentary captures Fux’s story through the lens of her relationships with her students. Everyone is encouraged to explore ways of expressing themselves, while Fux brings out the talent in dancers of all ages and abilities. A moving tale of creativity and determination, Dancing with Maria inspires us to grow beyond our limitations and change our lives through the power of dance.

Established dance artists Ong Yong Lock from Unlock Dancing Plaza and Luca Patuelli from ILL-Abilities (Canada) are invited to be the guest speakers to share the reviews with their own experiences. Please refer to “Guest Speakers” tab for more details.

We welcome people with different abilities, elderly, children and all sectors of the community to bring families and friends to join the screening.


Ivan Gergolet

With appearance by
Maria Fux
Macarena Battista
Maria Garrido
Diana Martinez
Marcos Ruiz
Martina Jose Vexenat


Ong Yong Lock was born in Malaysia. He joined the Hong Kong Dance Company in 1989, then the City Contemporary Dance Company in 1993. In 2002, Ong founded the Unlock Dancing Plaza with Elsie Chau to promote and popularise modern dance. They have initiated a wide range of collaborations and projects. #danceless is one of them. It explores and observes the relationship between individuals and society through bodies and movements. The project focuses on the Bodynamics (for children aged 6-12), Body in Time (for seniors aged 50 and above) and a series of creative exercises, workshops, explorations and performances.

Copyright and Photograph by Kien Quan – @kienquanphotographyLuca Patuelli hails from Canada. He started dancing at the age of 15, and has developed a unique dance style incorporating his crutches and the strength of his arms, which has won him worldwide recognition. Patuelli is the creator and current manager of the ILLABILITIES ™ crew. He co-founded Project RAD, Canada’s first inclusive urban dance programme offering people of all ages and all abilities the possibility to participate in accessible dance studios.

  • Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Dialogues in Spanish & Italian, with Traditional Chinese and English subtitles.

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