Theatre HORA - Planet HORA - 無限亮 No Limits

Planet HORA

Theatre HORA – Planet HORA

Showing now with screenings extended to 29.3.2022 due to remarkable response
Zurich’s Theater HORA takes you on a fantastic journey to a galaxy where things are different, and it’s no bad thing!
A fresh take on science fiction from Switzerland’s foremost theatre company that features actors with cognitive impairment.
Planet HORA grapples with big ideas but nothing is bigger than the fun!

Have you ever felt so down that you wished there was another planet you could escape to? This is the idea behind Planet HORA, an intriguing science fiction film from the Swiss theatre company Theater HORA, which features performers with cognitive impairment.

Two workers are fed up with the drudgery of their workday and book an intergalactic holiday. They discover planets that are very different from our own and others that are quite similar—peopled with bureaucrats, philosophers, workers or creatures that have better things to do than work. There is the “time planet”, the “machine planet”; there are humans, robots and other fantastic creatures.

Planet HORA uses the conventions of science fiction in a unique way to explore different universes and also to give us a fresh perspective on our own world — considering what it is that causes people to be excluded or underestimated. The film is a unique take on a beloved genre that draws on classic films while giving us a new understanding of space and time travel.

About Theatre HORA

Established in 1993, Theatre HORA seeks to embrace and exhibit the extraordinary talents of people with learning disabilities. The company is named after Master Hora, the keeper of time, a character from Michael Ende’s novel Momo (1973) that inspired the theatre company’s first show. From professional productions to partaking in art exhibitions, band performances, directing, engaging in workshops and researching all aspects of theatre in HORA’s Labor, Theatre HORA looks past disability to the creativity and artistry within.

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