Within Sight by Ellen Renton - 無限亮 No Limits

Promotional photo: Ellen Renton runs in a park
Promotional photo: Ellen Renton runs in a park

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Promotional photo: Ellen Renton runs in a park

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    15 Mar 2023 (Wed)
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    10 May 2023 (Wed)
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#No Limits Plus – Workshop: Imagining Better Worlds with Ellen Renton, please click here for details.

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Within Sight by Ellen Renton

A solitary runner, dusty tree-lined trail, and long, grey street
Questions linger in the air, as the poet with her bitter-sweet whisperings passes by

In shock and dismay, a young athlete pounds the streets of her neighbourhood, seeking to ease the frustration of just missing out on her lifelong goal of being selected for the Paralympics, despite the hard work she has put into her training. So begins this compelling one-woman spoken word theatre show by Edinburgh-based poet Ellen Renton.

In Within Sight, Renton sends a blunt message to mainstream society: examine your attitudes towards people with different abilities; and don’t appropriate their triumphs over physical and mental hurdles as “inspiration” for embracing the obstacles you face.

Integrating poetry, physical movement, soundscapes and video, the powerful multimedia-infused performance sets the pace on inconvenient truths in a story filled with authentic emotion and humour.

As Renton states: “I hope the show will give a different perspective to the able-bodied and the disabled something they can relate to. I wanted to challenge people to think about the role that they themselves play in perpetuating ableism, and specifically to talk about the poor representation of disabled people in today’s society.”

While the production is closely related to Renton’s own experience of living with albinism and the result in g visual impairment, this is not an autobiographical performance. It is a portrayal of life as shared by those with similar conditions and a perspicacious exploration of the meaning of diversity.


Natasha Tripney, The Stage
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“Renton’s poetry has a conversational fluidity, a sense of motion and an underlying dry wit. The imagery is sharp and crisp. [...] It’s an assured, engaging piece of work.”
Dominic Corr, Corr Blimey
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“Poetry in motion, Renton’s recitation on the move [...] has a metaphorical hammering of words.”
Ellie Higgins, Review Sphere
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“Within Sight is an exceptional piece of spoken word theatre.”

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