Yang Enhua - A New Vision of Huqin - 無限亮 No Limits

Yang Enhua - A New Vision of Huqin

Yang Enhua – A New Vision of Huqin

An evening with one of Hong Kong’s rising stars, brilliant erhu player Yang Enhua plays Chinese classics

The fourth edition of “No Limits” opens with an exciting performance by an up-and-coming young musician, telling his Hong Kong story through Chinese music. Yang Enhua is a visually impaired erhu player, originally from Harbin in northern China, who has been living in Hong Kong since 2014.

Yang will play classics such as Reflection of the Moon on the Water, The Butterfly Lovers and Song of a Promising Future. Especially featured are songs written by blind musicians, such as Hua Yanjun (A’Bing) and Sun Wen Ming, with a special focus on the music of northeastern China.

The accomplished and talented Yang plays different types of huqin, according to what best suits each work, and will be accompanied by a host of outstanding guest musicians, including Naamyam singer, Tong Siu-yin and violinist Ding Yi-jie.

Losing his sight at a young age has not prevented Yang from pursuing his musical dreams. He started to learn the erhu at the age of 12, and since arriving in Hong Kong, Yang has worked with different orchestras and organisations such as the Asian Chamber Orchestra and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Among the awards he has won is a gold medal in the erhu category at the 5th International Chinese Instrumental Competition.

He will be joined by his mentor, composer Mui Kwong-chiu, who has arranged the music for this exciting concert, and who has created Red Plum Blossom for its world premiere. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch one of the rising stars of Chinese music in Hong Kong!

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Team Members


Heilongjiang Winter Jubilee

Erhu and Ensemble
Zhao Yijun | Arr. by Mui Kwong-chiu

Reflection of the Moon on the Water

Erhu and Ensemble
Hua Yanjun | Arr. by Mui Kwong-chiu

Tan Le

Erhu Solo
Sun Wenming

Guests from Afar, Please Stay

Erhu and Ensemble
Mai Ding | Arr. by Zhu Changyao

“La La” to Our Good Days

Erhu and Ensemble
Cao Tianli | Arr. by Mui Kwong-chiu

Hoisting the Sails

Joshua Chan


Erhu and Piano
Vittorio Monti | Arr. by Mui Kwong-chiu

The Butterfly Lovers

Erhu, Violin and Piano
He Zhanhao and Chen Gang | Arr. by Mui Kwong-chiu

Red Plum Blossom (World Premiere)

Erhu, Gaohu and Piano
Mui Kwong-chiu | Commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival

Ode to Hong Kong

Vocal and Ensemble
Yuen Siu-fai

Song of a Promising Future

Erhu and Ensemble
Liu Tianhua | Arr. by Zhu Changyao


Audience members are kindly reminded that the latest Prevention and Control of Disease Regulations and related vaccine bubble requirements implemented by the Government at the time of the performance must be complied with. Changes to existing arrangements may occur in light of new pandemic measures and government directives. Please refer to government announcements for updates.

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