About "No Limits" - 無限亮 No Limits

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“No Limits”, first launched in 2019 and co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, aims to create a barrier-free environment and explore and promote inclusiveness and understanding through the arts.

Art is not bound by one’s ability but limited only by one’s imagination. With the sixth “No Limits” to be held in 2024, you are invited to experience a series of fascinating programmes which cover music, dance, theatre and film by international and Hong Kong artists of different abilities that defy constraints and boundaries.

The 2024 “No Limits” will present various accessible, in-venue and online programmes for our artists and audiences to convene face-to-face and virtually, and to share the message of inclusiveness in the arts with society.

The project also invests heavily in arts education for young people; diverse arts experience are designed to nurture students’ interest in the arts, and to enable them to share the joy of the arts together with people of different abilities.

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