School Touring Programme: Arts from Home - 無限亮 No Limits

School Touring Programme: Arts from Home

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This year’s school tour presents an interactive theatrical performance that encourages students to explore concepts of inclusion in everyday life and across different art forms.

Tina, the daughter of a property tycoon, is looking to remodel one of the company’s old buildings known for its problems with graffiti and noise. Before she evicts the tenants and converts the building into a multi-million dollar housing project, Tina visits the property one last time. To her surprise, she discovers that the building has a distinct and uniquely creative character, and that the “graffiti” is actually the work of an artist with physical disabilities, and the “noise” is music played by a visually impaired pianist!

Will Tina realise the value of inclusive arts and withdraw her remodelling plan? Or will the artists lose their home and place for making art in the community?

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Hong Kong Sign Language Interpretation
Hong Kong Sign Language Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation, live subtitling in English and Chinese, and Hong Kong Sign Language interpretation available

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