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Arts Accessibility Scheme

Arts can be enjoyed with different senses and by different means. Arts Accessibility Scheme provides appropriate services and facilities for persons with different abilities to enjoy arts programmes.

Arts Accessibility services provided in ‘No Limits’ are as below:

Audio Description in Cantonese
Describe visual information in verbal Cantonese to enable people with visual impairment to conjure up images in their mind

Accessible Captions
Describe sounds and speech through text to help people with hearing impairment better understand the programmes and immerse themselves into the performance

Hong Kong Sign Language Interpretation
Enable Hong Kong Sign Language users to better understand the programmes through on-site interpretation

Theatrical Interpretation
Theatrical Interpretation not only translates the lines for Hong Kong Sign Language users, but also incorporates the body gestures and facial expressions of each character into the interpretation.

Easy-to-Read booklet
Information provided using simple language and pictures that are easily understood.

Relaxed Performance
A relaxed performance creates a supportive atmosphere through arrangements that include the adjustment of lights and sound, designated chill-out zones for anyone feeling overwhelmed during the show, and a welcoming attitude towards audience noise and movement from the audience.

* Arts Accessibility services are available in selected No Limits performances only.

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