Jockey Club “No Limits” Education and Community Programme - 無限亮 No Limits

Co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the programme is designed to enrich experiences with, and awareness of, inclusive arts in the community. The programme aims to provide opportunities for people with different abilities to appreciate, embrace and participate in the arts.

Based on Yukihiko Tajima’s picture book of the same title and inspired by true events, the animation tells a story of autism, friendship and companionship that spans over 20 years.

This interactive short film allows the audience to make choices on behalf of the main character which change the development of the plot during the live screening.

“Education Kit: Arts Accessibility Services in Theatre” introduces different services and facilities commonly seen in theatres that enhance the experience of viewing performance, spreading awareness and promoting understanding and respect towards persons with disabilities and accessibility services.

This year’s Artists-in-Residence Programme takes place from December 2021 to March 2022, during which Italian dancer and choreographer Daniele Ninarello and local artist Mimi Lo will conduct workshops for various local communities.

These specially designed workshops offer local artists, educators, arts practitioners and the general public the opportunity to gain insights and practical experiences, fostering an inclusive education environment in Hong Kong.

Beyond Limits offers more than great performance experiences to the participants and aims at enhancing the audience’s understanding of the artists’ creative ideas, the production and technical aspects of the performances, and the outstanding technique of the performers.

The online roundtable will bring together local and overseas artists and community educators to share their stories and experiences in discovering and cultivating disability arts, and to explore effective methods and directions for future sustainable development and practice.

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